Adanta's Little Miss Prissy
Ariel's Second Litter, all rolled into one
impressive pooch. This is our tiny Yorkie,
Prissy and the only pup from Ariel's second
litter. Strictly our pet, she is a little two and a
half pound baby doll and a good glimpse at
what our tiny pups will look like when they
"grow up".

She's one of the biggest joys in our home
and truely the ideal pet for people who want
a tiny companion to share their life with.
Daddy's Little Girl
My Mommy: Ariel
My Sister: Aurora
My Brother: Coby
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Bill & Marilyn Burleson
"Tea Cup" Yorkies

There is no such thing as a Tea Cup breed of
Yorkshire Terrier, a yorkie is a yorkie. A Yorkshire
Terrier can range in size from over 7 pounds to the
smallest we've personally seen of 1.5 pounds.
However, as a long time owner of these tiny
yorkies, we acknowledge that the term "Tea Cup"
generally refers to the smallest of these pups,
under 4 pounds full grown.
Baby Prissy & Mommy Ariel Snuggling on the Couch
Prissy at 2 Weeks Old
Baby Prissy Nursing From Ariel on Mom's Tummy
Prissy on the Couch
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Prissy and Miss Mue Sharing A Pillow